Les fabricants réduisent leurs factures d'énergie, pourtant en forte hausse, grâce à l'imagerie acoustique

  Federico de Lucia, Team Lead van Condition Monitoring Specialists bij Teledyne FLIR     06-02-2023  

Il semble évident que nombre d'entreprises éprouvent des difficultés pour faire face à l'augmentation des coûts et des factures d'énergie. Face à la flambée des prix et dans une période marquée par l'incertitude, les entreprises du monde entier cherchent à diminuer leur consommation et à réduire les coûts autant que possible.  Dans cette nouvelle réalité de plus en plus difficile financièrement, l'imagerie acoustique offre aux fabricants une bouée de sauvetage cruciale et aide les industries à forte consommation d'énergie à préserver leur activité en réduisant les coûts d'exploitation et les dépenses de maintenance....

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Take Control of Your Home Energy Bills with a Thermal Imaging Camera


Take Control of Your Home Energy Bills with a Thermal Imaging Camera A recent report by Citizen’s Advice showed that the average UK household loses almost $410 worth of heat a year due to poor insulation. For the most inefficient homes, this “inefficiency penalty” can reach up to $1115. It’s no surprise, then, that many private renters and homeowners feel like they are losing their grip when it comes to controlling and reducing their energy bills. And as the global energy crisis continues to worsen, it’s more important than ever to improve your energy efficiency. But many areas of heat loss within your home are invisible to the naked eye. To find and fix these hidden energy leaks, you need specialised thermal imaging equipment. At Teledyne FLIR, we design and manufacture thermal imaging cameras that reveal the invisible heat loss in your home. Our intelligent...

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FLIR Si124 Application Story: Can air leaks be visualized?


FLIR Si124 Application Story: Can air leaks be visualized? For this application story involving the FLIR Si124 Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera, we interviewed Mr. Soichi Yagyu, President of Minalco Co., Ltd.; Mr. Yamaguchi, General Manager of Manufacturing; and Mr. Iwade, General Manager of Operations. FLIR: Why were you concerned about air leaks? Mr. Yagyu: Whenever I made regular factory tours, I was concerned about the hissing sounds in the manufacturing sites. We could not identify where the air leaks were occurring, but we could hear the hissing sounds. Our Mie Plant (Iga City, Mie Prefecture) uses many air compressors to generate aluminum powder. Typically, about 20 to 30 percent of electricity costs are air-related at manufacturing plants. But in our case, the rates are about 50 percent. Air leaks directly lead to additional costs, so we were considering countermeasures;...

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Introducing the New FLIR ONE Application for iOS


Introducing the New FLIR ONE Application for iOS The new FLIR ONE Application for iOS introduces a modernized user interface and improved features to help you get the most out of your FLIR ONE. Add multiple spot measurements, hot and cold spots, and notes to images; automatically or manually adjust level and span; choose from 9 different color pallettes; and much more.   

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